The flow of energy that makes up the world has always fascinated me. In a recent conversation with my father about my frustrations of living overseas, he introduced me to the Diamond Sutra, one of the earliest printed works in the world coming from the East. It contemplates the existence of all things in the breadth of time and space. “So you should view this fleeting world—A star at dawn, a bubble in a stream,A flash of lightening in a summer cloud,A flickering lamp, a phantom, and a dream.”excerpt from Diamond SutraI seem to understand them, they calm me down and make me think. When I intentionally focus on my innate visual experience, I see the essence and purpose of life and soul. In the scale of cosmic time, our life is like a flash of a spark. It briefly and beautifully lights up the cold night sky. I want to inspire the viewer to feel the fragility and sacredness of life, to reflect on the imbalance of modern rhythm, and to contemplate the meaning of our existence. Through using a thermal imager, I see a world of energy. In the visual language of the thermal imaging device, which is expressed through color as it correlates to temperature, the energy emanating from living beings illuminates the cold void of the universe. The water leaps formlessly and colorlessly, and fingers glow like flames. Things imprint themselves on people, and people imprint themselves on things. For a period of time after physical contact, the color of the two objects will show signs of the contact with the warmer, and vice versa. I believe that the anxiety and hope that I present in the work is mine and that is also everyone’s.
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